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Attention is the most valuable resource in the world.

  • Create and Accept Offers to shill your project to the world.
  • Post narrative tweets / shill and get paid in cold hard ETH.
  • Get your memes amplified by your community, and reward them for it.

accept offer

Narrative Tweets

first of its kind, a decentralized marketplace for shilling

Negotiate deals directly with creators and projects, Seal the deal on chain, post, and get paid in ETH, not shit tokens.

  • Verified by GPT to check for context, sentiment and narrative alignment
  • Keep up to 95% of the deal value

Pushing your narratives has never been easier.

You are what you shill, so shill responsibly.

Community Powered PsyOps

Create and Accept Offers to shill your project to the world. Reward your community for shilling your project. Get your memes funded by your community.

  • full refund if the deal is not delivered
  • control the budget for each narrative
  • Deal Directly with the counterparty
  • community funding


Q: Fees?

A: 5% from the creator, 5% from the buyer. 10% total. buyer fees are not part of the notional value of the deal. so the creator gets 95% of the deal value.

Q: Why do I have to pay a fee as a creator to earn money?

A: The 5% minting fee serves as an incentive for creators to honor their commitments. This fee is non-refundable to encourage follow-through. Campaign creators also lock in funds upon deal acceptance, which they can reclaim after 3 days if the creator fails to post.

Q: I changed my mind and don't want to post the content I agreed to. Can I cancel?

A: Once a deal is confirmed and recorded on-chain, it cannot be canceled. This policy ensures reliability and commitment from all parties involved. you don't have to post it tho, but you aren't getting back that 5% minter fee.

Q: Can I pay in ERC20 tokens or other cryptocurrencies?

A: No, we only accept ETH or whichever network we deploy on. for example if we deployed on polygon, we’ll take MATIC , or solana, we’ll take SOL. you get it.

Q: Can I engage in private deals?

A: Transparency is a core principal for DAOvertise, currently all deals (copyPasta) are indexed and available on chain for anyone to audit and to expose that information. Other types of deals will be available in the future that will allow for private deals.

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