Create Zero Knowledge Proofs with ZK3.

Create unbreakable social proofs using zkSNARKs and Lens Protocol. Convert your web2 social proofs to web3, effortlessly.

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Moderate your conversations with ZK3.

you can create lens posts with embedded social proofs, only users with the same social proof can comment or mirror on your post. Example proofs:

  • 10 ETH Club, 100 MATIC Club
  • github:lens-protocol maintainers
  • Milady NFT holders
  • AAVE V3 1M+ liquidity providers

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All of Zk3 code is built on open source libraries and supported by foundations in the space. We are committed to supporting the open source community and the projects that make our work possible.

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Eary testers will get access to mainnet first!

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Zk3 is a zkSNARKs based privacy protocol that allows users to embedd private data into a public blockchain.

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